Terms & Conditions

Dear Customer

When unpacking please be careful not to cut a rug itself. We recommend you use scissors and not a knife.

You can treasure your piece right after opening. However all tufted rugs tends to shed initially and we therefor recommend you to vacuum your wool pieces gently from time to time. It is normal for wool tufted products to lose individual fibers, and the excess fibers does not affect the quality of the rug. We recommend you to vacuum without a rotary brush spout on long pile parts, since there is risk of damaging the yarn. Shedding tends to decrease within couple of months. Please do not clean it with water.

We do not accept returns. If you need more information, pictures ect. please take a contact on post@kvistad.co .
Please note, some of our goods may vary in colors from the photos of the product. For bigger variations this will be noted in the description.

Your order will normally be posted within 3-5 business days.

You can also pick up your piece at our workshop in Oslo after making an appointment.

Please make sure the address you put on the order is the one you want the piece shipped to, we will only ship to the address attached to the order.

If your delivery is damaged, please don’t accept it. It will then be returned to us and we will check the condition of the artwork, and if possible, send you a replacement, or you will be refunded.

If you want us to ship out of Norway please take a contact on post@kvistad.co .

We also reserve the right to cancel any order for any reason.

If you have any other questions or enquiries, email us at post@kvistad.co .